Welcome to e-Sadhu !

We are here to help you to identify and resolve your IT problem. Our experienced consultants are doing this for the last eleven years.

Our approach is very simple. We research your needs through a series of deep interviews and develop a strategy with valuable recommendations for your IT infrastructure and services using the latest tools and concepts.

Our ultimate goal is to move IT from being just an operational aspect of your business to being a strategic contributor to success.

If you do not have enough time to read about our services, please click here to contact us.

A few details about us

Expert services that meet your needs


IT Consulting

  • Development of organizational structures, changes and management systems
  • Strategic planning, control and crisis management
  • Innovation and restructuring.


Project Management

  • Analysis and monitoring of IT projects
  • Project timeline development.
  • Preparing investment memoranda.


Linux Based Services

  • Setup and administration.
  • Network/Internet services.
  • Security, Monitoring & Training.


Software Development

  • Custom made software development.
  • Software requirements documents elaboration.
  • Development of interfaces with legacy systems.


Cibersecurity Services

  • Cibersecurity implementation & management.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business continuity planning.
  • Training.


ISO/IEC 20001 & 27001 Consulting

  • IT Services & Security Information standards implementation.
  • IT Services & Security Information management.
  • Training.